xQc to End Gambling Habit After Scoring a $5 Million Win on Stake.com

xQc to End Gambling Habit After Scoring a $5 Million Win on Stake.com

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Last updated: 12/10/2023xQc

In a significant turn of events, the renowned Twitch streamer xQc, also known as Felix Lengyel, has decided to abandon his gambling endeavors. This shift in his gaming landscape came about following an astonishing $5 million windfall on the crypto gambling platform, Stake.com.

About Stake.com

Stake.com is a well-established and highly regarded online cryptocurrency gambling and betting platform that has gained considerable attention in the digital betting community. It was launched back in 2017 and has swiftly ascended to prominence because of its steadfast commitment to delivering a transparent, secure, and user-friendly gambling experience.

Notably, one of its main features is the diverse range of casino games and betting options on offer, catering to a wide audience of players looking for crypto-gambling entertainment. Stake.com offers several gaming and betting options to suit gamblers of all kinds.

What sets the platform apart is its emphasis on cryptocurrency transactions, which allows users to deposit and withdraw funds using various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Depositing with cryptocurrencies not only offers convenience but also enhances security and provides a degree of anonymity for players.

Stake.com’s unwavering commitment to responsible gambling and fair play has contributed to its favorable reputation in the industry, drawing a steadily growing community of users seeking a trusted platform to enjoy their gambling experiences. In summary, Stake.com remains a top choice for those looking to explore the exciting world of cryptocurrency gambling.

Transition from Twitch to Kick: xQc’s Gaming Evolution

The French-Canadian sensation, xQc, has a history of grappling with gambling-related issues. His decision to part ways with gambling was preceded by his transition to Kick, a streaming service owned by Stake.com after Twitch implemented a strict policy against unlicensed roulette, slots, and dice games in the United States and other jurisdictions with established consumer protections.

Tweeting the Turning Point

A notable moment in this shift was when xQc shared a screenshot of his victorious online slots game on Stake.com via his Twitter account. In an accompanying tweet, he declared, “Nah, I already withdrew my earnings; I’m done with gambling.”

Opening Up About Gambling Addiction

This pivotal decision was rooted in xQc’s acknowledgment of his struggles with gambling addiction. In the previous year, he candidly revealed on his Twitch channel that he could “afford to be ill.” Before his gaming transformation, xQc maintained a daily Twitch streaming routine, which later transitioned to his direct competitor, Kick. During his Kick debut, he managed to amass an impressive $533,000.

Unveiling the Statistics

The streamer has been transparent about his gambling activities, sharing detailed statistics from his Stake.com journey. He disclosed that he had wagered over $1.5 billion through 788,877 bets but secured only 76,398 wins. Notably, he also revealed a substantial loss of $1.1 million in a gambling venture in Las Vegas.

xQc’s decision to put an end to his gambling escapades signifies a transformative phase in his gaming career, one that has witnessed soaring victories, candid admissions, and a promising future.

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