Xposed Hits $406,245 Jackpot on Stake.com Following Drake’s Surprise Appearance

Xposed Hits $406,245 Jackpot on Stake.com Following Drake's Surprise Appearance

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Last updated: 09/11/2023Xposed Drake

Canadian gambling sensation Xposed, also known as Cody Burnett, achieves an extraordinary victory on Stake.com’s Wanted Dead or a Wild slot game after two years of persistent gameplay. The excitement takes an unexpected turn with a surprise appearance by Canadian rapper Drake, known for his interest in gambling.

Drake’s Involvement

Drake casually joins Xposed’s stream chat, adding an element of suspense. A direct call from the superstar rapper moments before the jackpot fuels speculation and excitement among viewers.

The Climactic Win

Approximately 15 minutes after Drake’s encouraging comment, Xposed secures the elusive max win, an impressive $406,245. The exuberant streamer reacts in his signature style, throwing his chair at the computer screen in celebration.

Skepticism Surrounds Xposed’s Win: Timing, Coincidence, or Collaboration?

Viewer Reactions:

While many celebrate Xposed’s achievement, a faction of viewers raises skepticism about the timing of Drake’s comment and the subsequent jackpot. Comments questioning the authenticity of the coincidence flood the stream.

Connection to Stake.com:

Some viewers delve deeper into suspicions, pointing out the collaboration history between Xposed, Drake, and Stake.com. The established partnerships between the influencers and the crypto casino come under scrutiny.

Industry Controversies: Xposed’s Accusation and Previous Gambling Dramas

AyeZee Controversy:

Xposed’s skepticism mirrors a recent incident where he accused content creator AyeZee of fabricating a $4.8 million slot win on Rollbit crypto casino. The accusations sparked debates on social media about transparency and legitimacy in the streaming community.

xQc’s Noteworthy Win:

In a sponsored Kick broadcast by Stake.com, streamer xQc turns a $2,000 wager into $553,150 on the Razor Returns slot game. This win raises doubts and draws parallels to controversial gambling content from streamer Ice Poseidon, igniting conversations within the streaming community.

The Call for Transparency: Unveiling Deals and Activities in Crypto Gambling

Xposed’s Stand on Transparency:

Xposed’s recent win prompts a revisit to his stance on transparency, particularly after the AyeZee controversy. The streaming community engages in a broader conversation about disclosing deals with iGaming companies and the need for openness in the world of crypto gambling.



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