The Emerging Epicenter of Crypto Gambling Amid Regulatory Shake-Up

The Emerging Epicenter of Crypto Gambling Amid Regulatory Shake-Up

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Last updated: 29/09/2023Anjouan License

In the wake of Curaçao’s impending regulatory overhaul in the world of crypto gambling, Anjouan, an island nestled in East Africa, is emerging as the perfect alternative for gaming companies seeking stability and favorable regulations. This article delves into why Anjouan is gaining prominence and how it might revolutionize the crypto gambling industry.

About Anjouan

Anjouan’s distinctive allure lies in its status as a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). This unique position empowers the Anjouanese government to craft its own robust regulations, particularly in the sphere of international trade and commerce.

Positioned in East Africa and home to approximately one million inhabitants, this picturesque island is swiftly becoming an appealing choice for crypto gambling enterprises seeking a stable regulatory environment.

World Trade Organization Membership: Anjouan’s Competitive Edge

Anjouan boasts membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO), granting its government the authority to establish and enforce its own rules governing international trade. This unique advantage translates to international recognition and respect for iGaming licenses acquired on the island. As a result, Anjouan’s regulatory framework is set to provide a secure and reputable foundation for the crypto gambling industry.

Cost-Effective Licensing: A Major Draw

One of Anjouan’s main features is its significantly lower licensing costs compared to other renowned gambling hubs. Securing an iGaming license on this island is a budget-friendly endeavor, priced at a mere $17,000. This is notably lower than the $49,000 required for a license on the Isle of Man and the $32,000 fee on the Mediterranean Island of Malta. The cost-effectiveness of Anjouan’s licensing is turning heads in the crypto gambling sphere.

Curaçao’s Shift in Direction

Curaçao has long been regarded as an ideal destination for iGaming licenses, primarily due to its cost-effective and streamlined licensing process. Nevertheless, Minister of Finance, Javier Silvania, has firmly articulated his dedication to reevaluating the regulations governing online gambling. His objective is to eradicate what he characterizes as ‘undesirable practices’ within the industry, a move that has cast a veil of ambiguity over the future of Curaçao as a gaming hub. A Noteworthy Curaçao Licensee

Among the prominent licensees in Curaçao is, an online crypto gambling platform with Canadian rapper Drake as its brand ambassador. It is also the main sponsor of the English Premier League team Everton. and similar entities may be among the growing wave of online gaming and crypto gambling firms considering a transition to Anjouan in the coming year or two.

Anjouan is poised to seize the spotlight in the realm of crypto gambling, offering a stable regulatory environment, cost-effective licensing, and global recognition. As Curaçao reevaluates its gaming regulations, the crypto gambling industry’s landscape could be in for a significant shift, with Anjouan emerging as a new epicenter for this thriving sector.



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