PokerGO Play Early Access Launch on Gala Games with NFT Avatar Frames and Discounts

Gala Games Unveils its NFT Mystery Boxes

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Last updated: 31/08/2023Gala Games

The fusion of cryptocurrency and gambling takes a leap forward as PokerGO Play, the revolutionary Web3 social casino game, announces its Early Access debut exclusively on the Gala Games platform. This groundbreaking launch introduces not only an immersive gaming experience but also a chance to own unique NFT Avatar Frames that promise exceptional rewards and advantages.

Elevating Gameplay with NFT Avatar Frames: Limited-Time Discount Offer

During this captivating Early Access phase, every Gala Games account holder gains the opportunity to step into the world of PokerGO Play via their PCs. The highlight of this milestone is the introduction of NFT Avatar Frames, available for purchase in the Gala Games store. As a celebration of the game’s arrival, players can enjoy an exclusive 10% discount on these NFT Avatar Frames for a limited period.

Perks of Early Adoption: Sustained Progress and Strategic Advantages

In a departure from the norm, PokerGO Play ensures that any progress achieved during Early Access will be preserved upon the official launch. This means that players investing in a GalaChain Avatar Frame NFT during this period will retain their accomplishments as the game transitions into its full release.

By acquiring these Avatar Frames early, players secure a strategic edge. As they engage with the game, the level of their Avatar Frame elevates, resulting in superior rewards and a dominant stance in the upcoming Sweepstakes events. These events present participants with the opportunity to compete for a substantial $ 5,000 prize pool in the first event scheduled for next month.

Unveiling the Value of Rarity: Enhanced Benefits and Customization

The worth of these Avatar Frames amplifies based on rarity, yielding a host of advantages. Owners of these NFT Frames enjoy increased daily Chips compared to their counterparts without Frames. Additionally, rarer Frames grants elevated base Chip Carryover percentages, ensuring efficient resource management for consecutive days of gameplay.

Looking ahead, the Avatar Frames will accommodate Abilities and Hand Upgrades, empowering players with personalized strategies in the game’s associated Slots. This innovation introduces a layer of customization and strategy, elevating the overall gaming experience.

Gala Games’ Recent Strides: NFT Mystery Boxes and Ecosystem Expansion

In tandem with this launch, Gala Games has released highly anticipated NFT Mystery Boxes that integrate three assorted NFTs into GalaChain. These valuable boxes contribute to existing and forthcoming games, boasting varying rarity and power levels across multiple tiers.

Moreover, Gala Games introduces Champion Boxes, containing randomly selected NFT champions, and enhances decentralization with an upgraded node-based cumulative lifetime points system. The platform’s recent collaborations include a strategic partnership with Huobi Global and the acquisition of Ember Entertainment, signaling a commitment to expand and enrich its ecosystem.

Future of Gaming with PokerGo

Experience the future of gaming with PokerGO Play’s Early Access on Gala Games. Elevate your gameplay, seize strategic advantages, and set your sights on remarkable $GALA prizes in upcoming Sweepstakes events. Embrace this convergence of crypto and gaming, where innovation knows no bounds.



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