Learn About Wolf.Bet’s New VIP Program

Learn About Wolf.Bet’s New VIP Program

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Last updated: 29/08/2023Wolf.Bet

If you have followed our site from the beginning, you likely know that Wolf.Bet was one of the first crypto gaming sites we ever reviewed (in mid-2020). In these past three years, it has almost continuously maintained a spot in our top ten Best Bitcoin Casinos rankings. Hence, we think highly of this gambling platform, and based on our user reviews, our readers also share our opinion.

Well, on August 22, 2023. Wolf.Bet decided to launch its new loyalty system, the Wolf.Bet VIP Club. We have praised this hub’s customer support, its vast collection of games, giveaways, and varied coin acceptance in the past, and even complemented its previous VIP scheme. However, the new one promises to take things up a notch. So, let us dive in and see what Wolf.Bet has come up with for rewarding its extensive pool of frequent gamblers.

The Novel Wolf.Bet VIP System Explained

Okay, we begin our breakdown by telling you that this is technically a sixteen-level program with various benefits, including priority customer support, level-up bonuses, Rakeback, daily charge multipliers, and weekly/insane bonus codes. You ascend through the Wolf.Bet /ladder via your betting activity.

That is the system in a nutshell. A more detailed explanation will be that you have four general tiers here. These are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. The first three have five sub-tiers, and only one Diamond level exists. To attain the Bronze One status, you must wager the equivalent of $5,000 at Wolf.Bet. What will that get you? You will access priority support, a $2.5 level-up bonus, and nothing else. In the last of the Bronze sub-tiers, five, a $100,000 wagering requirement is in play, and you will get a $50 bonus, an 11% Rakeback, x1 daily charge multiplier, and a daily charge every two hours and twenty-four minutes.

Now, you may be wondering, what is a daily charge? It is an opportunity to win extra daily rewards by spinning a prize wheel that rewards based on the coins you wagered in the last 24 hours. Note that the mechanism of this wheel gets based on your profit/loss ratio and past turnover. Furthermore, a daily charge multiplier is one that multiplies your daily charge bonus.

To enter the first Silver sub-tier, you need to wager over $200,000 on this platform and to reach the last one, Silver Ten, you must have laid down more than two million dollars here (the equivalent of). That will get you a $500 level-up bonus, 13% Rakeback, a daily charge multiplier of x1.6, and a daily charge every thirty-six minutes. Remember that in the Silver tier, insane bonus codes become active. That is a one-time promo cipher you claim by asking for it in the live chat window once you become eligible.

The Gold VIP section opens its doors to you when you have bet five million dollars on this website, and it ends with the overall fiftieth level of this program, accessible by those who have wagered over one hundred million at Wolf.Bet. In that sub-tier, a $25,000 level-up bonus is on hand, a 15% Rakeback, an x2 multiplier, and a daily charge every twenty-four minutes.

To be honest. Aside from double the level-up bonus, in the Diamond tier, you only get a daily charge every twenty-three minutes compared to every twenty-four in the Gold Five sub-tier. Thus, the Rakeback and daily multiplier are the same in these two levels, so, not much different in total, not counting the initial award.

Wolf.Bet VIP Club

How Did the Old Scheme Work?

In the past, the previous VIP system was all about Rakeback, and it bore the name – The Wolf Pack. The Rakeback got calculated on a house edge of 1%, and the scheme incorporated six tiers. The first one was Hunter, and the last was Alpha. Between these two levels, you could be either a Warrior, a Lead Warrior, a Delta, or a Beta, in that ascending order.

To get presented with the Wolf.Bet Hunter badge. You had to bet over $10,000 on this platform, which, in turn, would earn you a 10% Rakeback. Plus, it would supply a spin on the Daily VIP Wheel, an opening to accumulate extra rewards. In the Alpha tier, a 15% Rakeback awaited. Nonetheless, you had to wager over ten million dollars on this site to get this rebate.

And we should also point out that level-up bonus codes were in play in all the old system’s tiers.

What Do We Think of the New Wolf.Bet VIP Program?

We think it is good. In truth, we would have liked to get to the Bronze One level sooner, as no quality benefits are available there. Realistically, you have to wager $10,000 before you see any real perks from this scheme, which are identical to the old ones (at that stage). You also have to bet the same amount to attain a 15% Rakeback, so aside from the daily charge gains and level-up awards, the way the rebate works has virtually remained unchanged. Only a more gradual increase has gotten added to it. Still, we think this program is an upgrade from what had previously had gotten given to regular Wolf.Bet players.

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