Grey Jabesi and Amara Kanu are New Ambassadors

Grey Jabesi and Amara Kanu are New Ambassadors

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In a groundbreaking collaboration that bridges the worlds of cryptocurrency and sports betting, esteemed figures Grey Jabesi and Amara Kanu have taken on ambassador roles with This dynamic partnership is part of’s unique ‘Join the Crypto Experience’ initiative, designed to engage influencers in promoting their platform.

Grey Jabesi: Cryptocurrency Expertise and Influence

Grey Jabesi, a renowned figure in the cryptocurrency trading sphere, has garnered substantial recognition for his proficiency in the field.

With a substantial following on his influential Crypto Hustle YouTube channel, established in 2015, Jabesi has been educating and captivating viewers with his insights. His decision to align with as an ambassador underscores the platform’s significance in the crypto betting landscape.

Amara Kanu: Lifestyle Influence and Sports Enthusiasm

Amara Kanu, a prominent lifestyle influencer and the spouse of former Arsenal football legend Nwankwo Kanu, brings her unique blend of style and sports enthusiasm to the family.

Her inclusion as a female ambassador reflects the platform’s commitment to diversifying its roster. Amara Kanu’s alignment with her husband, also a ambassador, further solidifies the partnership’s synergistic nature.

Shared Enthusiasm and Vision

Both Jabesi and Kanu express their genuine excitement about collaborating with Jabesi commends the platform’s pioneering role in the crypto betting sector and eagerly anticipates engaging with its vibrant community. Kanu echoes the sentiment, highlighting the opportunity to spread awareness about crypto’s potential through their shared passion. This alignment of vision underscores their dedication to the partnership.

Join the Crypto Experience Initiative: A Pathway to Ambassadorship

The trailblazing ‘Join the Crypto Experience’ initiative, introduced in June, serves as the conduit through which influencers like Jabesi and Kanu connect with

By offering only 300 ambassador positions, this program ensures exclusivity and a genuine dedication to the crypto cause. Selected influencers introduce’s VIP ecosystem to their networks, amplifying the platform’s reach and impact.

Expanding the Ambassadors’ Roster

Jabesi and Kanu join a distinguished list of ambassadors, a group that includes notable personalities like rappers King Kaka and Cassper Nyovest, Australian cricket star Brett Lee, and Brazilian football sensation Denilson. Their inclusion adds further diversity and dynamism to the ambassadorial ranks, bolstering the platform’s ability to connect with a wide array of audiences.

Synergistic Partnerships: Football and Cryptocurrency’s recent partnership with Premier League team Newcastle United exemplifies its commitment to innovation. This partnership, combined with existing collaborations with Arsenal, Southampton, and Watford, amplifies the platform’s football-related endeavors. By leveraging innovative content, analytics, and cryptocurrency-based incentives, the partnership seeks to enhance fan engagement and enrich the fan experience.

Grey Jabesi and Amara Kanu’s ambassadorial roles with mark an exciting collaboration between the worlds of cryptocurrency and sports betting.

Their involvement through the ‘Join the Crypto Experience’ initiative underscores the platform’s commitment to crypto advocacy and community engagement. As continues to pioneer innovative partnerships and initiatives, its role at the intersection of crypto and sports becomes increasingly prominent.

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