Gala Games Launches Last Expedition Early Access Tokens: A New Frontier!

Gala Games Unveils its NFT Mystery Boxes

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Last updated: 16/09/2023Gala Games

Gala Games has just made a major announcement, marking a significant turning point in the Last Expedition universe. They have officially activated the Last Expedition Early Access Tokens, bringing new excitement to the gaming community.

A Warm Welcome to Fresh Players

Previously, access to the game was limited to Last Expedition Node Operators. However, Gala Games has changed the game by introducing thousands of Early Access Tokens, extending an open invitation to new players eager to explore the Last Expedition universe.

What Early Access Tokens Entail

These Early Access Tokens grant access for all holders to playtest builds leading up to the Beta launch of Last Expedition. While the exact Beta launch date remains a closely guarded secret, the anticipation is palpable among gaming enthusiasts.

Evolving the Concept of Early Access Tokens

In a major shift within GalaChain operations, the original concept of the Early Access Token has been refined. Gala Games has developed a new version of the token on GalaChain, which has been distributed to those who purchased Operator’s License Bundles during previous sales.

It is of utmost importance to be aware that the original Early Access Token NFT no longer serves any purpose and should not be traded or transferred.

Each Token is now a one-of-a-kind Gala Chain minted item, complete with its own distinct ID number. This empowers Operators to grant early access privileges to individuals of their choice.

Introducing the Hunter’s Early Access Pass

For players who possess Early Access Tokens, Gala Games has introduced the Hunter’s Early Access Pass, which costs $50 in the Gala Games store. This pass comes with a range of benefits designed to enhance the gaming experience.

Preparing for Gameplay

Since the game is launched through the Gala Games platform but hosted by Epic Games, players are advised to ensure their Epic Games account is in good standing before embarking on their Last Expedition.

Embarking on the Node Operator Journey

Last Expedition introduces the concept of player-owned Nodes, reminiscent of the heydays of LAN parties. Those aspiring to become Node Operators still have the opportunity to do so with the Summer Operator’s License Bundles, which are currently available for a limited time in the Gala Games store.

These bundles include 4 Early Access Tokens, an OP Mod predator, a Forest Snapper an OP Mod club, subscription ensuring a continuous flow of updates and content.

The Thrilling World of Last Expedition

Last Expedition promises a captivating world brimming with precious minerals and resources, as well as formidable predators ready to challenge players at every turn. Survival, extraction, and escape are the central objectives of this thrilling and immersive gaming experience.

Gala Games’ Dedication to Community Empowerment

In other notable developments, Gala Games has implemented enhancements to its ‘Node-Based Cumulative Lifetime Points’ system, with a focus on decentralization and community engagement. The update includes a logarithmic function for bonus point allocation, ensuring fairness, and a 20% free mint allocation for Founder’s Node operators, promoting equitable participation.

Additionally, Gala Games has successfully migrated the majority of its NFT inventory to GalaChain, its proprietary blockchain. This transition not only enhances the overall gaming experience but also introduces NFT Mystery Boxes, offering delightful surprises featuring NFTs from popular games.

With the launch of Last Expedition Early Access Tokens, Gala Games continues to lead the way in providing exciting and innovative gaming experiences, setting the stage for an exciting future in the gaming industry.



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