Finding online slot games with the best bonus features

Finding online slot games with the best bonus features

While the base game of spinning the reels is fun, bonuses add Variety and excitement. They also allow you to win big payouts in the mini-games and free spins. One sign of a good bonus slot is having more than one bonus feature. The most bonus-heavy slots incorporate three or more different events, like free spins, pick bonuses, progressive jackpots, and wheel spins. For example, some titles from software providers offer a mix of Rolling Reels, multipliers, free spins and pick bonuses across one game. Rather than getting bored with a single repeated bonus, you get to experience different events. Multiple bonuses also give you more chances to trigger awards. Rather than hoping one bonus hits, slots with several events deliver more consistent excitement.

Check RTP and hit frequency

Along with packing in various bonuses, top bonus slots also tend to have a higher return to player (RTP) percentage. It indicates the theoretical payout to players over time. Look for slots with an RTP of 96% or higher to maximize your bonus potential. A higher hit frequency also means the bonuses hit more regularly during play. Both RTP and hit frequency numbers are readily available online for most slots. Look for the slot name and the terms “RTP” or “hit frequency.” Some software allows sorting slots based on these factors, making it easy to identify generous options. You learn More about the author by visiting his website.

Find free spins with multipliers

The beloved slot bonus is free spins. Getting a batch of free turns with expanded wilds, stickier wins, or other perks provides big payout potential. To maximize the impact, look for free spin bonuses that also apply a multiplier. It hugely increases the value of winning combinations during the free games. Multipliers of 10x, 20x, or even 50x quickly translate small wins into huge jackpots. Some slots apply an unlimited multiplier during free spins, which leads to truly epic rewards.

Slots with progressive jackpots offer one of the most exciting bonuses around. These titles span across casinos, with a portion of every bet feeding the jackpot. Prizes climb into the millions before one lucky player triggers the grand prize. While the jackpot bonus hits infrequently, when it does you walk away with a true life-changing pile of cash. That anticipation keeps progressive jackpot slots thrilling to play. Top titles like Mega Moolah have made millionaires and even billionaires. Those chasing the biggest bonuses should have some progressive slots in their lineup.

Review the paytable

Read through the paytable before playing an unfamiliar slot to understand what and how the various bonuses work.

How many free spins are awarded
What special features are included in free spins
How bonus symbols or scatters pay
How to pick bonuses work
What the rules are for mini-games and jackpots

Taking a few minutes to review the paytable saves confusion later. You’ll know what to expect from each bonus event. Play in demo mode until you find slots with bonuses that consistently deliver big wins and align with your preferences. You dig into the stats on RTP and hit rate while experiencing how the slot feels to play.

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