Exbet and OddsCraft Forge a Transformative Strategic Alliance in Crypto Betting

Exbet and OddsCraft Forge a Transformative Strategic Alliance in Crypto Betting

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Last updated: 19/09/2023Exbet

In a pioneering move poised to reshape the sports betting arena, Exbet, a prominent sports betting exchange, has inked a strategic alliance with OddsCraft, a leading sportsbook technology provider.

This formidable partnership aims to introduce a novel category of betting markets, blurring the lines between sports trading and cryptocurrency exchanges. Here, we delve into the details of this transformative collaboration.

Custom Pricing for Scalar Markets

The crux of this strategic alliance revolves around OddsCraft’s role in providing Exbet with customized pricing for its unique scalar markets. This innovation empowers users to trade sports in a fashion reminiscent of cryptocurrency trading on well-known platforms like Binance.

This integration of sports betting and cryptocurrency trading holds the potential to resonate with a global audience of astute traders and enthusiasts.

Speaking the Crypto Trader’s Language

Exbet spokesperson David Evans elucidated the rationale behind this strategic venture, stating, “There’s a vast global audience engaged in cryptocurrency trading for entertainment, yet there is currently no sports betting product that caters to their preferences.

These are sophisticated individuals who are well-versed in chart analysis, have a robust risk appetite, and aspire to trade sports much like they trade cryptocurrencies.”

Through the partnership with OddsCraft, Exbet endeavors to bridge this gap by offering a unique category of markets that remains unparalleled elsewhere. This innovative approach directly caters to the hundreds of millions of cryptocurrency traders worldwide, recognizing their distinct inclinations and trading expertise.

OddsCraft’s Dedication to Innovation

OddsCraft co-founder Robin Jakobsson voiced enthusiasm regarding the partnership, stating, “At OddsCraft, we are elated to collaborate with Exbet.

They are venturing into uncharted territory, offering something entirely unprecedented, and we are eager to embrace this challenge. We will leverage our technology and expertise to provide pricing that will facilitate what will undoubtedly be a revolutionary new sports betting experience.”

Successful Open Beta by Exbet

Exbet’s strategic collaboration with OddsCraft follows a remarkably successful open beta phase, during which millions of dollars were wagered in USDT and BTC. This successful testing phase lays the groundwork for the impending full-scale launch of Exbet, which promises to usher in a profound transformation in the way people engage in sports betting.

Expanding Horizons for OddsCraft

While Exbet prepares for its full-scale launch, OddsCraft has been making substantial strides in the industry. The company recently secured a significant partnership to provide cricket pricing for a leading operator, further cementing its status as a pivotal player in the sportsbook technology landscape.

The partnership between Exbet and OddsCraft signifies a momentous milestone in the convergence of cryptocurrency trading and sports betting. With tailored pricing for scalar markets and a shared commitment to innovation, these two industry leaders are primed to introduce a revolutionary sports betting product that will cater to a global audience of crypto-savvy traders and enthusiasts.

Stay tuned for the forthcoming full-scale launch of Exbet, as it heralds a pivotal juncture in the evolution of sports betting.



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