Cryptocurrency Gambling Probe Tied to Xhaka’s Booking

Cryptocurrency Gambling Probe Tied to Xhaka's Booking

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Last updated: 27/08/2023Granit Xhaka

Cryptocurrency Operator in Curacao Incurred £400,000 Losses from Bets

An exhaustive investigation into a series of suspicious gambling activities revolving around Granit Xhaka’s controversial booking during Arsenal’s triumph over Leeds, 18 months ago, has encountered a frustrating impasse. This complex inquiry, undertaken by anti-corruption authorities, has been stymied by the pervasive involvement of wagers placed within unregulated cryptocurrency markets.

The crux of the matter unveils that a cryptocurrency operator, headquartered in the Caribbean haven of Curacao, sustained substantial losses amounting to £400,000 as a result of bets placed on Xhaka’s booking during a pivotal Premier League match in December 2021. Astonishingly, the International Betting Integrity Association found itself incapable of pursuing this case, citing the operator’s non-membership status as a limiting factor.

Who is Granit Xhaka?

Granit Xhaka was born on September 27, 1992, in Basel, Switzerland. He’s a famous football player. He’s really good at passing the ball and playing in the middle of the field. He’s played in important leagues in Europe.

He started playing in his hometown team, FC Basel. People noticed how good he was. Then he went to play for Borussia Mönchengladbach in Germany. After that, he joined Arsenal FC in England in 2016. He became a captain there. Xhaka is known for passing the ball well, controlling how fast the game goes, and making goals from far away. Outside the game, he’s admired for working hard and being fair.

Xhaka also plays for the Swiss national team. He helps them a lot with his skills. He’s played in big tournaments like the World Cup. Xhaka’s journey from playing in Switzerland to being a leader in England and the world shows he’s determined and loves playing football. He’s a good example for young players who want to do well in football.

Escalation from Football Probe to Criminal Investigation

Following a meticulous six-month probe conducted by the Football Association (FA), the investigation escalated to the realm of criminal investigation. However, earlier this summer, the criminal inquiry abruptly halted without any formal charges being filed. It’s imperative to clarify that throughout this entire ordeal, Granit Xhaka maintained an untainted record, with no allegations of wrongdoing directed at him.

The saga initially garnered attention in January of the same year when reports surfaced concerning approximately £400,000 worth of suspicious Bitcoin bets placed on an Arsenal player receiving a yellow card within the closing 10 minutes of a match. The entity responsible for these wagers, the unnamed operator, promptly notified the International Betting Integrity Association, flagging the anomalous bets.

Delving into the Incident: Xhaka’s Contentious Booking

The incident under intense scrutiny involves midfielder Granit Xhaka’s yellow card during the 85th minute of a match against Leeds. This booking, ostensibly due to time-wasting during a free kick, raised eyebrows due to Arsenal’s comfortable 4-1 lead at that juncture. The combination of factors led to suspicions that manipulation might be at play.

Expanding the Investigation: Unveiling Bitcoin Wagers and Market Manipulation

The investigation’s scope extended beyond mere suspicions, delving into Betfair betting markets where unforeseen wagers triggered sudden shifts in odds. Beyond this, the inquiry encompassed a series of significant bets placed in the form of Bitcoin.

The correspondence reveals that the unnamed bookmaker received multiple Bitcoin bets, potentially resulting in over $1 million in profits had the market not been abruptly halted—an indication of potential manipulation.

Spot-Fixing and Professional Soccer’s Integrity

At the heart of this extensive investigation lies the concept of spot-fixing, a practice involving wagers on specific elements of a game rather than the outcome. Though relatively uncommon in professional soccer due to players’ substantial earnings, concerns regarding potential corruption have propelled the investigation forward.

It’s essential to underscore that, despite the scrutiny, no tangible evidence has emerged implicating Xhaka or any other Arsenal players in misconduct, leading to their official exoneration.

An Inconclusive Culmination

Despite persistent efforts, the investigation into the intricate web of cryptocurrency-related gambling activities surrounding Xhaka’s booking has regrettably culminated in a state of inconclusiveness.

The convergence of unregulated markets and jurisdictional limitations has prevented authorities from unearthing the complete truth. This unresolved saga underscores the multifaceted challenges that arise at the intersection of professional sports, cryptocurrency, and gambling.

In a quest for transparency and accountability, the enigma of Xhaka’s booking and the crypto gambling associated with it leaves lingering questions—questions that may find answers in the evolving landscape of both sports and digital currencies.



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