Casino Plunges into Chaos: Co-Founder Accusations and Unexpected Maintenance Casino Plunges into Chaos: Co-Founder Accusations and Unexpected Maintenance

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Last updated: 04/09/2023Chips Casino

In a startling turn of events,, recently plunged into chaos during an unexpected maintenance shutdown on September 1st. Initially presented as updates to commemorate their anniversary event, the unfolding situation has taken an astonishing turn, unearthing a web of intrigue.

The saga began to unravel on September 3rd when a user initiated discussions about purported attempts by Tacyarg, the site’s administrator, and owner, to engage in questionable activities with a user known as Magalon. What was already common knowledge was that Magalon was one of the site’s co-founders and owners. However, what remained hidden until now was Magalon’s double identity as “Malatius.”

This revelation has added a significant layer of complexity to the unfolding drama, particularly due to Malatius’s status as the site’s most prolific player, having wagered substantial amounts and accumulated a vast number of Chips tokens. In the ecosystem, the number of Chips tokens a user holds directly correlates with the dividends they receive from the casino’s profit distribution every three months.

It’s worth noting that BTCGOSU had previously taken action against due to numerous red flags that had been raised long before this shocking revelation came to light. These concerns, raised by BTCGOSU, have been validated by the recent events at

The escalating tensions between Tacyarg and Magalon, who wore multiple hats as a co-founder, owner, and high-stakes player, reached a boiling point when Tacy abruptly severed Magalon’s access to the site and its associated social media channels. In response, Magalon, who had a vested interest as both an owner and a major token holder, took the extraordinary step of freezing the casino’s games, causing a significant disruption to the platform’s operations.

Reports have surfaced alleging that Tacyarg’s motivations included an attempt to wrest full control of the company’s management without providing compensation to Magalon, further complicating the unfolding drama. Additionally, suspicions linger that Tacyarg had been clandestinely withholding funds from the casino, casting a shadow of doubt over the platform’s financial integrity.

The complexity of the situation deepened as it became apparent that Magalon/Malatius, in his multifaceted role, wielded substantial influence over the platform’s decision-making processes, particularly through social voting mechanisms. Concerns also emerged regarding his potential access to both client and server seeds, which could grant him the ability to manipulate outcomes. However, it is crucial to note that concrete evidence of such actions remains unproven.

As the situation continues to evolve, the crypto gambling community is left in suspense, grappling with many questions and concerns regarding the future of Stay tuned for further developments as this cryptic saga unfolds, shedding light on longstanding concerns raised by BTCGOSU and the turbulent events that have transpired at



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